Cook & Book, combining a bookstore and a restaurant into something awesome

Today is the Belgian National Day! We’re not all that patriotic here (unless it’s soccer season and our Devils are out for a trophy), so for most of us it’s just a day off. In spirit of this day though, I’m sharing one of the most amazing bookstores in the world that you can find right in our capital Brussels.

Cook and Book exterior
A van was blocking the entire view of the square *sad face*

Cook & Book is not your average bookstore (yeah duh, otherwise it wouldn’t be on my Literary Tourism list), it’s a bookstore AND a restaurant. That’s right, here you can eat and shop for books. It’s the perfect place to take your book out for a dinner date because no one is going to look at you weirdly for doing so. But even without it being a bookstore-restaurant combo, Cook & Book would still be a pretty awesome bookstore.

Cook and Book travel section
Are you seeing the awesomeness that is this bookstore?

First of all, the bookstore is so huge that it’s located in two buildings surrounding possibly the best square in Brussels (I mean hello, giant bookstoreS). And in those buildings, every room is dedicated and decorated to a certain type of book. In the travel section you’ll find a vintage caravan, the cookbooks are located right next to the open-plan kitchen, there’s a giant greenhouse with the books about gardening… the list goes on and on.

Cook and Book main hall
Books. Hanging. From. The. Ceiling.

The entry hall of block B is by far the most amazing. There are books hanging from the ceiling and it looks just woooooow. But my favorite room is of course the one dedicated to English books which channels a real British library feel. The selection is amazing and the book sellers are always happy to help find your next favorite read.

Cook and Book English bookstore
Aaaah the hours I spent in here…

If you’re ever visiting Brussels (and got really disappointed by the size of Manneke Pis), head out to this beautiful bookstore for either lunch or dinner. You’ll have the best time eating and looking at the books, and to be honest, the food is pretty cheap and freaking amazing! Definitely worth visiting!

Talk to me

What do you think of this bookstore? Do you think you’ll ever visit it or have you already visited it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’ve never been but I so want to go there! Don’t know when that’ll happen though…


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