How I’m Spending #ReadABookDay

It’s #ReadABookDay! And to celebrate, I’m… reading a book! Which I basically do every Wednesday. WHAT A SPECIAL DAY. But I don’t mind, I’m rather happy that #ReadABookDay coincides with my me-time day today.

I try to carve out at least two hours of me-time twice a week. So four hours in total. Those hours are set aside for me and my book. We go to dinner together, go for a walk, have lunch, go to the pub, visit the beach, have an early morning coffee at a coffee bar… we truly have the most wonderful of dates. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might already have seen some photos. During these dates I read without any interruptions. It’s heaven and exactly what I need to get away from my daily stress.

And that’s exactly why I started doing it, to break away from my daily stress and actions. Sometime at the end of June, I discovered that I wasn’t able to focus on a book in the house any more. I felt cooped up between those four walls. One evening I got sick of it, grabbed a book and went out to a pub to read. I stayed there for hours and came back completely energized and refreshed.

It didn’t take me long to realize I had find a way to literally get away from everything and I obviously made it a very regular occurrence. At the moment, I have a pretty demanding job, I’m building my own house and I’ll soon start evening classes to get an extra small degree. Those down-time hours are hours I need and the best part is that I get a LOT of reading done.

While writing this post, I haven’t yet decided on what I’m doing today, but it will be in the same lines of my normal me-time hours. Usually on Wednesdays I go out for dinner and a drink. But whatever I’m doing, I’ll make sure to enjoy it that bit more just because it’s #ReadABookDay!

Talk to me

What do you think of my me-time? Do you go on dates with your book? So you have any ideas for dates that I should do? Let me know in the comments!

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