5 Tips On How To Survive A Readathon

Everybody ready for Dewey’s 24 hour readathon this Saturday? I can’t participate myself and I was planning to do my own readathon last weekend, but that didn’t work out either. (sad face) I LOVE readathons and during the years, I’ve gathered some readathon survival skills. Ready to get ready?.

Tip 1: Establish a TBR

Before you start your readathon, you definitely need to establish a TBR. If you don’t choose your books beforehand, you may find yourself staring bleary-eyed at your shelves, not being able to choose your next read. Make sure you choose books that you’re looking forward to reading and that you also have “palate cleanser” like a graphic novel or a short book in the mix.

Tip 2: Choose your snacks and food wisely

Snack choices are always important, but readathon snack choices are VERY important. Make a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy snacks and do a quick calculation on how much you’re allowed to eat every hour. You do not want to run out of snacks or have a ridiculous amount of left-overs!

Your meals are something you really want to plan out beforehand. Choose some dishes that can be made without too much effort (unless you want to take that time to take a break from your reading) and that you can eat while reading if you want to. I’m going to be honest here and mention that my favorite readathon meals are pre-made meals that I can just throw in the oven or microwave to warm up. No hassle, no problems and a lot of reading!

Tip 3: Don’t forget to take a break

Remember, it’s a reading marathon. Take a break at regular intervals so you can stretch, walk around, do a crazy dance, eat… in order to survive until the end. My favorite way of doing this is setting an alarm clock every hour so I can move 10 minutes. That alarm clock also helps me to keep my attention on my book (I don’t need to worry about forgetting the time) and if I accidentally fall asleep, I have a built-in rescue that will wake me up.

Tip 4: Don’t get too comfortable

That couch may seem like a great idea, but I often end up sitting on the floor for hours on end. It’s uncomfortable, it’s cold, but darnit it also keeps me awake, alert and reading! Another way to do this is opening the window to let the cold air in. That also has the added bonus of fresh air to wake you up.

Tip 5: #Readathon

Doing a readathon is basically a marathon you do on your own without people cheering you on, but don’t forget people all over the world are doing just the same thing as you are! Get on #Readathon during your breaks, share your own update and read other people’s updates. You are definitely not alone and will get motivated to keep going.

Talk to me

Are you doing Dewey’s readathon? Do you think I missed any important tips? Let me know in the comments!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Katrina says:

    I’m participating but only for around 7 hours this time. I find that I need books that I know I can finish in a short period of time, I once tried to read a 400 pg modern classic and was frustrated to see other people finishing their reads. Audiobooks would be my other tip as they give your eyes a break.


    1. The Bookdragon says:

      I totally forgot about audiobooks! They’re not my thing, but I totally understand how they can be a good way to switch up your reading! And indeed, I read Nevernight last time and go really frustrated on how slow I read. That’s why I tend to count pages instead of books :D. Good luck this Saturday, Katrina! I’m sure you’ll rock it!


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