Waanders in de Broeren, the most beautiful bookstore in Europe

So after Boekhandel Dominicanen, I discovered another church-turned-bookstore in the Netherlands, Waanders In de Broeren. This one is an almost three-hour drive away so it wasn’t as easy to visit as the first one. Luckily I found the perfect excuse to visit it back in 2014 (I was almost in the area for something else), and since then I’m confident to say that it’s without a doubt the most beautiful bookstore in Europe.

If you’ve visited Boekhandel Dominicanen and think that’s impressive, wait until you’re in Waanders In de Broeren. This bookstore is twice as big, way lighter and still has that beautiful organ at the back. Its beauty immediately took my breath away when I entered and I couldn’t help sitting in the bar of the store for hours to take it all in.

Waanders In de Broeren, organ

With it being a massive church, there is of course a lot of room to put some books and the collection is pretty decent. I’m not going to lie, it’s primarily the Dutch section that has the best selection, with the English section being OK. Still, you’ll find something to read, I promise!

Waanders in de broeren, detail

Now the most important question: is this bookstore worth the visit? HELL YES. Whenever I think I deserve a very special treat, I make the three-hour drive to Waanders In de Broeren and enjoy it all over again. Whenever you’re in the area, and that area should span up to four hours away, you should definitely stop by this bookstore. There’s no way you can pass up on the most beautiful bookstore in Europe, now can you?

Talk to me

What do you think of this bookstore? Do you think you’d like to visit it someday? Let me know in the comments!

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