Why Libraries Are Important

When I was little and still in elementary school, my mom took me to the library on a very regular basis. I always finished the five books I could borrow within a week and complained until they took me back to the library to get a new pile. That was also immediately the reason why they didn’t buy books for me: I read too damn fast to fund that addiction.

Once I moved to high school, my local library became like a babysitter to me. After school I walked over to it, chose a book, set my ass down and continued to read for 1,5 hours. After that, my mom picked me up with my newly-chosen book and two days later I was in the library again, dropped of the book I finished, chose a new one, and the cycle started again.

But once I went to the university, I visited the library less and less. I discovered Goodreads and suddenly had a to read list as long as the Eiffel Tower that was filled with books I couldn’t find in a library. So I bought them and started collecting my very own library. Which is huge by now.

As I’m finishing up building my own house this year (with a dedicated library by the way), I’ve set myself a book buying budget since September 2017 (yeah okay, that isn’t all that long ago) where I’m only allowed to buy two new books a month. So far, it hasn’t been too hard to follow it, but that’s thanks to the fact that I have quite an impressive amount of unread books on my shelf and the fact that the library of the city I’m moving to has one hell of a selection.

So I have now completely refound my love for libraries and I try to get a few books every month to read. Luckily for me, I could already get a membership and I’ve discovered that they have a dedicated YA section that is pretty decent. Thank God libraries exist, otherwise I would seriously have to cut back on my read. THE HORROR

Talk to me

Do you visit your local library regularly? Why? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Isabelle says:

    I used to visit the library A LOT. But the library in my current hometown has a … bad selection (and very little, too, mostly focused on children. Which is good! Just not for me.) and is only open when i am off at work so i can’t ever go. I really miss going to the library every wednesday after school. Good times.

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  2. Nancy says:

    When I was 10 I discovered the library and a whole new world opened up for me. Since then I visit my library on a regulary base.
    I even helped out on sunday mornings every 3 weeks from the age 12 until 20. After that I was lucky to get a vacation job for a few years in the library. After college (where I attended next to my home library also the big city library) I even decided to make it my job.
    Today I’m working for 15 years at the same library and I still love it. Giving people advice on what to read and spread my book passion on to others.
    And still I love to read. But I don’t feel the need to own books for myself. So libraries are a godsent. At this moment I’m an active member of at least 8 libraries thanks to the free membership in my province 🙂

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