7 Reasons Why You Should Go To YALC 2018

Last year I went to YALC (the Young Adult Literary Convention) in London for the third year in a row and I’ve already bought my ticket for YALC 2018 back in December for my fourth visit. So yeah, you can say I like it there. The con is still months away, and I’m sure you might be wondering at this point why you should attend. Well, here are 7 reasons why I think you should buy your ticket asap! And if you’re still on the fence, I can also give you 9 tips for surviving YALC.

1) Listening to author panels

During my first YALC visit, I sat in the audience of every author panel that was being held and I loved every single one of them. There is something a little magical about hearing authors discuss a certain topic especially if it’s something they feel very passionate about.

2) Getting to know new authors

And during those panels, I can guarantee that you will get to know new authors and their amazing books. Okay, that does mean that you go home with a TBR as high as the Eiffel tower, but hey, nothing worse than having absolutely nothing to read, right?

3) Scoring autographs of your favorite authors

Let’s be honest, this is our main reason to attend cons, isn’t it? As I’m a weird over-enthusiastic Excel-lover, I know that about 85 authors were signing during YALC 2017. Isn’t that the perfect reason to attend YALC; scoring all those authographs.

4) Getting to know the latest releases of the publishers

The con is filled with stands of British publishers and it’s so much fun wandering the hall and discovering new titles. And yep, that does add even more books to your TBR, but at least you’re aware of the latest release that are coming our way.

5) Scoring ARCs and early releases

And when you’re being introduced to those upcoming releases, you might just be able to score ARCs or early releases. If you want to score as many as possible, you will have to run around the floor like a crazy person from time to time and loose a part of the rest of the experience, but you’ll have a book that isn’t yet out to the world yet. So your TBR is getting even bigger (is anyone else sensing a theme here?).

6) Scoring cheaper books

Another thing that you can find at the booths of the publishers, are cheaper books. Want to score brand-new paperbacks at £5 a piece, you can find it at YALC! Grow that TBR!

7) Being in a room full of book lovers

But maybe the absolute best part about being at YALC (and one that doesn’t grow your TBR to daunting proportions), is being in a room filled with other book lovers. Whether you’re waiting in line to get an autograph, having a rest or buying books, everywhere around you there are other book lovers who love talking about books.

Talk to me

Was I able to convince you to go to YALC? Did I miss any reasons? Let me know in the comments!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Rozelle says:

    You’ve convinced me! Just booked tickets for Sat & Sun. Eeek! Can you recommend any publishers to follow on Twitter? I already follow WalkerYA, Picadilly and Hotkey.


    1. Sasha The Bookdragon says:

      How amazing!!! Electric Monkey and BKMRK immediately come to my mind. Unfortunately YALC doesn’t really announce which publishers will be there, so I’d suggest that you add the interesting ones during your first day. 😁 I’m sure you’ll have an amazing weekend!


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