8 Book-To-Movie Adaptations That Are Being Released In 2018

I’m not the biggest movie-goer in the world, I’d rather spend my time in my beloved book world. But when my beloved book world comes to the big screen, you have my attention. I feel like we’re getting very spoiled in the book-to-movie adaptation department in 2018 and here are 8 movies I’m extremely looking forward to.

1) A Wrinkle in Time

This is a childhood classic that I never read and really need to get to asap. The trailer looks amazing and now I can’t wait to read the book because of course I need to read it before I see the movie.

2) Every Day

I thought this story wasn’t going to be for me, but I have to say that I got very intrigued with the trailer and short description. I didn’t have long until the movie releases, and I was determined to read the book before I see the movie. Which I did within a week of discovering the trailer and I ended up loving the story.

3) Peter Rabbit

Okay, this just looks hilarious.

4) Ready Player One

Possibly my most anticipated movie on this list. The expectations are so high that disappointment is real, but I’m keeping faith that they will do a good job. Fingers crossed!

5) Love, Simon

Look, I’m just so ready to see this cute love story.

6) The Darkest Minds

This movie is still so far away that there isn’t a trailer yet, but I’m already in. This series is on my series I need to finish list and seeing the movie will perfectly align with that. But the wait is still so loooooooooooooong.

7) The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I DIDN’T KNOW THIS WAS BEING MADE INTO A MOVIE?! Seriously, this is one of my favorite books ever and this movie might just destroy me.

8) The Hate U Give

Isn’t this one of the most anticipated YA movies we’re all looking forward to? There isn’t a trailer yet (*sad face*), but guys I’m so ready for it!

Talk to me

Are there any other book-to-movie adaptations I missed? To which one are you looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Marieke says:

    Love Simon, Every Day, Ready Player One, so many movies I really want to see!

    Liked by 1 person

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