How To Prepare For YALC

YALC, the Young Adult Literary Convention in London, is still four months away, but I’m already counting down the days (hell, I’ve been counting down to YALC 2018 about three days after YALC 2017 ended). This will be the fourth time I’m going to YALC and yes I’m still as excited as I can possibly be.

After sharing 7 Reasons Why You Should Go To YALC 2018 and of course totally convincing you to go too (let me have this one), I wanted to share with you today how you can prepare for it. This post, together with 9 Tips For Surviving YALC, will definitely get you ready for one of the best weekends of your life!

Get the YALC ticket

Let’s start with an important one. YALC is held during London Film and Comic Con (or LFCC), and you can get special YALC tickets or the standard LFCC ticket. It may be tempting to get the LFCC ticket as it saves you a couple of pounds which you can totally use to buy books, but DON’T DO IT. With the YALC ticket you get a bookish goodie bag, but far more important, a special entrance that doesn’t make you wait for hours to get in.

Read all the books in advance

Okay, and this is a difficult one, but it’s a good idea to read as many different authors as possible in advance. A massive list of authors are attending YALC every year, and you can get your books signed by every single one of them. But if you don’t know if you like their books, how do you know of which author you want a signature?

The big problem with this tip is that the full author list isn’t released until May (if last year was any indication), and that leaves us with a lot of books to read in a very short time span. Take the time though to figure out who’s going and whether you want to read a book of theirs, I can’t recommend this enough.

Plan your days

YALC can be a little overwhelming, especially during the first day. Everyone is figuring everything out, people are running around and all you want to do is make sure you don’t miss anything (like it or not, we all have a little bit of FOMO in us, don’t we?). The best way to keep on top of everything, is by planning out your days in advance.

Which panels do you want to attend? Which authors do you want to meet? In which of the other activities do you want to participate? Make that plan so you don’t suddenly find yourself missing any of the things you wanted to do. This may sound as overkill, but believe me, once you’re in the hectic whirlwind of trying to snatch up proofs, you will forget all about that author you wanted to meet.

Plan your food

This may seem like an afterthought, but it absolutely isn’t! YALC is a crazy full-packed weekend and you really should think about your drink and food choices in advance. There is a food stall available, but choices are fairly limited and definitely overpriced. There’s also a supermarket right next to the venue, but last year they were out of easy-to-eat food in the morning and couldn’t stock up during the day.

So, be sure to bring water every day as all the excitement will definitely dehydrate you in a few hours and think about what you will eat for lunch and as snacks, and bring it with you too. Your wallet will be thankful and so will your stomach!

Decide on book-transportation

Okay say that you would like to get five books signed on the first day of YALC. Last year, I managed to score five free books during the first five minutes that I was there, and so do you. In this scenario, you’re already carrying ten books and it isn’t even 10 AM yet. Still eight hours of mayhem to go.

So, how do you want to lug those books around? Think about your preferred book-transportation ways and plan ahead. I’m partial to a backpack and a tote bag, but you may want to bring a wheelie case to make it easier. And don’t be embarrassed if you choose the latter, you won’t be the only one and your back will thank you!

Read my 9 Tips For Surviving YALC

I didn’t want to rehash any of the tips in my other post, so I’m just going to mention the whole damn post.

Talk to me

Do you feel fully prepare now or do you still have questions? Do you have any other tips to share? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great post. I can’t wait for YALC this year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Im going to Yalc this year too Xx Im so excited Xx Sat and Sunday. Just starting the blogging life regularly xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A wheelie case? Ohmylord I haven’t even thought about the free books yet. HOW DID I NOT.
    It’s a good thing my boyfriend is coming with but I have a feeling he’ll just go off to the gaming section of the thing and disappear on me all day.. I need to rethink this..


    1. Sasha The Bookdragon says:

      A good planning is the beginning! 😀

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