May 2018 Reading Wrap-up

After reading 13 books in April, I was VERY curious to see how many books I would be able to read in May. I guessed I would be able to reach the 10-book mark again, but ended up with 12 books read thanks to two thriller that I couldn’t put down. What the hell.

The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton5 stars

Book review of The Bellers by Dhonielle ClaytonI started this month with a book from my YALC reading challenge for which I had some very high expectations. And they were ALL fulfilled. The premise is absolutely marvelous, but it’s the execution that truly brings the book to the next level. Clayton plays masterfully with light and dark, beauty and gruel, and it’s an absolute treat to read. The most powerful thing though is how Clayton subtly hackles our society’s obsession with female beauty and perfection. It may be a little too subtle for some people to catch, but us women will understand perfectly.

Obsidio by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff5 stars

Book review of Obsidion by Amie Kaufman and Jay KristoffFINALLY FINISHED THIS SERIES. I was so excited to see how this amazing story ends and I flew through the book. Unsurprisingly, we get introduced to a new kick-ass couple, but luckily the two other couples are also not far away. (Well, figuratively, literally they are quite far away.) As should be the case, we get a lot of answers in this one and it so amazing to read. With this being the last book in a trilogy, I won’t go into any further details. But if you haven’t read this series yet (do people like that still exists?), do it asap.

Alice by Christina Henry4 stars

Book review of Alice by Christina HenryAnother YALC reading challenge book, and how can I pass up on a dark retelling of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? When they say dark, they do mean dark. Murder, rape, abuse and general mayhem start from the very first page and stayed there until the very last one. The retelling is very imaginative and works perfectly even though the whole story is turned upside-down. You’ll be at the edge of your seat while you figure out how the world fits together and just how gruesome that world is. Not for the faint of heart, but oh so fun to read.

Shattered by Teri Terry4 stars

Book review of Shattered by Teri TerryAnd with this I finished my second series I need to finish list! What a series it was. With every book, we delve further into the world’s and Kyla’s history, and it’s done so subtly and marvelously. Every book came with a different twist and I never knew what Terry was going to throw at me next. Unfortunately this also means that I can’t say anything more about this one without spoiling the rest of the series. It’s one amazing series though and I loved every single book. I’m so glad I finished this series, it really went out with a bang.

Clean by Juno Dawson5 stars

Book review of Clean by Juno DawsonA wild YALC book appears! I was so excited when I read Say Her Name by Dawson, but I was really dying to read one of her contemporaries. Add to that the fact that one of the characters was described as “Sasha, the human hurricane” and I needed to read it. I got an honest story about addiction that doesn’t sugarcoat anything but at the same isn’t shocking just for the sake of shocking the reader. I stayed up way past my bedtime and could NOT put it down. What a bloody amazing book.

Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia5 stars

Book review of Eliza and her monsters by Francesca ZappiaI was so blessed this month with yet another unputdownable book. I’ve been wanting to read this book since the moment it was released. It turned out to be the most amazing ode to fanfiction and fandoms that I never knew I needed in my life. I will never read a book so amazing about these two topics and I’m perfectly okay with that. It read like a warm, comforting hug and I couldn’t stop reading at all. I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to read, and I’ll kick you too if you do the same. Ah what a gem.

Things Bright Girls Can Do by Sally Nicholls4 stars

Book review of Things A Bright Girl Can Do by Sally NichollsYes, this IS a major YALC reading challenge month for me as this is yet another YALC book. No way I can pass up on an historical novel about the suffrage movement, how World War I affected the women of the UK, AND includes LGBTQ topics. If that doesn’t already convince you that this book is an important story, I’m going to say it explicitly: THIS BOOK IS IMPORTANT AND YOU NEED TO READ IT. Brilliant, thought-inspiring and honest, this book thought me so much of a part of history that I knew nothing about. Love, love, love.

The Falconer by Elizabeth May4 stars

Book Review of The Falconer by Elizabeth MayThe first book from my third series I need to finish list! This cross between fantasy, 19th century Scotland and steampunk (hmm, was this book written especially for me) is so refreshing and addictive to read. May created the most amazing stabby-stabby world and a main character that may just be my new hero. Her take on fairies is like nothing I’ve ever read before and I often laughed out loud between all the mayhem that ensued. But that cliffhanger though, it should be illegal to make a reader go through that. Picking up the sequel asap.

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren JamesGold star

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren JamesAnother YALC book, surprising huh. Everyone seems to love this book, so how could I not read it? I didn’t know what to expect with this little book, BUT IT BLOODY WELL BLEW MY SOCKS OFF. How can a book so short come with such a deadly knock-out punch? I can’t say anything more without spoiling, but I loved every second of the story and CANNOT recommend it enough. This book was absolutely perfect and that’s not a description I toss around often. I’m kicking myself about the fact that it took me this long to finally pick it up, so don’t make the same mistake that I did and READ IT NOW.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown4 stars

Book review of Red Rising by Pierce BrownAnd yet another book from my third series I need to finish list. I read it for the first time two summers ago because it was picked by my book club and basically I was the only one who enjoyed it. And I do understand why it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The Institution in this story is definitely not a school I’d ever want to attend. Blood, guts and body parts fly around and things are about as gory as they can get. As you may expect from me, I enjoyed it so much and I’m going to be so disappointed if the rest of this series isn’t as manipulative or psychological.

White Rabbit, Red Wolf by Tom Pollock4 stars

Book Review of White Rabbit, Red Wolf by Tom PollockA YALC BOOK. I’ve been intrigued with the story once I saw someone compared it to brain surgery (and she definitely knew what she’s talking about). Reading a book with “this story is a lie” on the cover, is basically questioning what happens on every page and I’m not sure that was the point. This was one weird book and after finishing it, I wasn’t even sure if I actually liked it. But I THINK I really liked it? Sort of? Maybe? All I can say for sure is that I loved the anxiety rep and the unreliable narrator. I so recommend it. I think.

In Your Light by Annalie Grainger3 stars

Book review of In Your Light by Annalie GraingerAnother (*sigh*) YALC book. I couldn’t pass up on a thriller involving a cult, and I was completely ready to submerge myself in their beliefs. Even though the beginning of the story was very intriguing, some of the magic of the plot was lost along the way. Something was a bit off about that way the story was set up, but I can’t really say if it was the dual perspective, the fact that I didn’t learn enough about the cult, or the fact that the tagline didn’t seem to fit with the story. It ended up getting three stars as I did wanted to keep reading to see how it all ended, but it fell a little flat at the end.

Talk to me

What do you think of all the books I read this month? Are there any on this list you’d like to read too? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. TheBookaholic says:

    ohh I really want eliza and her monsters! And great post!!! I love the name of your blog. I just started my blog her you can check it out here-


  2. I need to read The Belles! sounds great 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks like you had an awesome reading month! Loved Belles too ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Keri says:

    Ahh, Eliza and Her Monsters consumed me too! I loved that book!
    I’ve been hearing good things about The Loneliest Girl in the Universe! Might have to go add that to my TBR now…
    Glad to see you had great reading month!


    1. Sasha The Bookdragon says:

      You definitely need to read Loneliest Girl! It’s absolute gem, I promise ❤️. And yes, I did have a good reading month if I may say so myself. There wasn’t one book I disliked 😁

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