The November 2018 Clever Ruse Illumicrate Unboxing

After the amazing surprise of the September box, I got an even bigger surprise when I learned that I was also getting the November box as a gift! EVEN MORE SCREAMING HAPPENED. The only clue I wanted to know (and I stayed away from all other clues) was that the book featured had was inspired by Japanese culture. Color me intrigued!

Warcross Bookmark by Chatty Nora

Howly crap this thing is gorgeous! It completely fits with the book it references. I’ve never used a wooden bookmark before as I’m scared it will dent my book, but I’m really tempted to try out this one.

Illumicrate warcross book mark

Mulan-inspired Scarf by Feifei Ruan

I didn’t immediately realize what this was, but once I spread it out, I was immediately awed by this beautiful scarf. I’m not a scarf-wearer, but this this is absolutely stunning. I’m keeping it and storing it away to maybe prance around with in the future.

Mulan scarf Illumicrate

Diner Drink Cosy by Gica Tam

Okay so, I couldn’t immediately place this visual (no, I don’t know why either), but once I did I may have literally screamed. How freaking cute is this? I immediately tried to hunt down a cup with which I could use this, but so far I’m coming up empty.

Drink cosy illumicrate

Stag Amulet Necklace by Fable and Black

Ah necklaces, another jewelry item I never wear. I’m getting some big Grisha-vibes from this one though, so I can’t help but love it a little. Storing it away in case I ever feel the need to wear it.

Illumicrate Stag necklace

Circus Top Banner by Illumicrate

I have to admit that, even though I love the design, I didn’t fully understand the purpose until a friend of mine mentioned that it would be a perfect way to display pins. I’m afraid this is my least favorite item of this box, for the simple reason that I don’t have any use for it.

Circus top banner illumicrate

Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

A bonus book! With the release of Tempests and Slaughter, I’ve discovered this world for the first time, but I’ve yet to read one book by Pierce. Apparently this is the first book of the second series in this world, so I may have finally found a reason to pick up these books.

Wild Magic by Tampora Pierce

Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean

And last but not least: the featured book. This book appeared on my TBR as soon as I learned of its existence and I’m so excited that I have it now! This books sounds absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to pick it up.

Emperor of all seasons by Emiko Jean

Talk to me

Do you have a bookish subscription? What did you think of the contents of this box? Let me know in the comments!

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